Jesus Take Over – 3

Unless the Lord builds a house the builders labour in vain –  Psalm 127 : 1a

In bedtime stories and motion pictures we see how characters use magic wands to simply bring things from the realm of imagination to reality. You probably just had a flash of one of those scenes now, right? However, in reality we are majorly constrained to build those things we imagine. This is commonplace knowledge right?

Some things we build are short-lived, while others may stand the test of time and probably outlive us. Educating a child, raising a child, building a lucrative career, building a relationship, a home, a house, a business, a nation, developing a community, supporting and fighting for a great cause are good examples of building things worth our effort, time and resources.

We need to live with the consciousness that we are builders, and building anything good is a hard task that requires consistent effort, persistence, resources and a great plan to complete it just in time. But first, we need to remember to handover our plans to the master builder; the one with the blueprint of our lives and whatever we can endeavour to build in a lifetime. We have to acknowledge the Lord from start to finish and our efforts will not be in vain. We can’t be certain about anything we build outside the Lord’s plan even if they appear standing now. Therefore let Jesus Take Over the building process.

Jesus Take Over

Jesus Take Over – 2

Sometimes we are still afraid to trust and depend on God totally for direction, for instruction, for leading on what to do, who to marry etc. We feel like we can still try out things by ourselves if it will work.

God said in his word in Isaiah 55 verse 8 -9.

His thoughts are not our thoughts neither his ways our ways.
As the heavens are far away from the earth, so are His ways and His thoughts higher than ours.
This word is enough to let us know that even before we are making the plans, He is much aware and knows what is best for us.

Yes, we make our plans but God has the last word proverbs 19 v 9.

So what else do we need?

It is time for us to ask the lord, to TAKE OVER.
God knows the best for you. You can’t know better.
Everything you have right now, he gave.
Everything you need now and will ever need in the future He will bring your way.

JESUS TAKE OVER our lives, let the world receive you and trust in you to lead us.

Jesus Take Over

Jesus Take Over – part 1

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to let go. Letting go seems so easy, but time after time we have found ourselves in the same place of not being able to let go of some things we don’t have any business holding back, especially those we don’t have control over.

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Unfortunately, we just keep holding on to those things, especially those that are heavy and weighty, while letting go the easy and lighter ones. Most times we don’t even notice how these things play out, very subtle, but they are there sapping out our energy, wealth, health, joy, peace and smiles. They just gradually eat us up from the inside and sometimes turn us into people we are not outside. They hold us back and cripple us from moving forward on some occasion.

If you picture yourself having this running battle, fear of the unknown, the continuous crisis situation around the globe that keeps our heart perpetually skipping, loss of job or family member (irreversible situations),”justifiable” unforgiveness etc. it’s high time to adhere to this popular advice – LET GO AND LET GOD! This means asking JESUS to TAKE OVER.

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The JESUS TAKE OVER song was written and produced at this time just for you, listen to it over and over and sincerely ask God to take over and rule supreme. Thank God for the testimonies received from listeners.

God rules in the affairs of men! This is a good time to ask Him to reign in our nations, governments, in our families and in the Church, Let Him Take Over.

Cast your burdens upon the Lord for He cares for you. His yoke is easy and His burden light. His peace is tangible and lasting, not as the world gives. He is the source of our peace, the peace that passes all understanding.

Don’t stop, keep singing JESUS TAKE OVER!

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