Jesus Take Over – 3

Unless the Lord builds a house the builders labour in vain –  Psalm 127 : 1a

In bedtime stories and motion pictures we see how characters use magic wands to simply bring things from the realm of imagination to reality. You probably just had a flash of one of those scenes now, right? However, in reality we are majorly constrained to build those things we imagine. This is commonplace knowledge right?

Some things we build are short-lived, while others may stand the test of time and probably outlive us. Educating a child, raising a child, building a lucrative career, building a relationship, a home, a house, a business, a nation, developing a community, supporting and fighting for a great cause are good examples of building things worth our effort, time and resources.

We need to live with the consciousness that we are builders, and building anything good is a hard task that requires consistent effort, persistence, resources and a great plan to complete it just in time. But first, we need to remember to handover our plans to the master builder; the one with the blueprint of our lives and whatever we can endeavour to build in a lifetime. We have to acknowledge the Lord from start to finish and our efforts will not be in vain. We can’t be certain about anything we build outside the Lord’s plan even if they appear standing now. Therefore let Jesus Take Over the building process.

Jesus Take Over

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